Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER
Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER

Unfortunately, President Cyril Ramaphosa’s new dawn is, in fact, a miserable sunset. SA is moving backwards at an incredible rate.

Due to many factors such as the incredibly negative land issue and the much-heralded national minimum wage, Ramaphosa has very carefully managed to rank SA 62nd out of 63 countries in the world competitiveness rankings.

Youth unemployment is a cancer, which has spread throughout the employment body of SA. In higher education SA is almost at the bottom of the rankings, but it appears no students are being educated for the future workforce.

This quarter, presided over by Ramaphosa, figures were released showing that youth unemployment is getting worse and worse.

Despite glib statements and many promised commissions of inquiry our president has done nothing more than talk.

It is about time that the governing party stops the talk about false dawns and looks to doing some actual work.

Michael Bagraim
MP DA labour spokesperson