SA will be sailing into turbulent and treacherous waters as the 2019 general election looms ominously over the horizon. The apparently unsinkable ANC Titanic has struck the Jacob Zuma iceberg and is rapidly floundering on the rocks as survivors desperately race to reach tribal and geographical safe havens.

The ANC juggernaut is rapidly self-destructing, ripping itself apart at the seams. It cannot be salvaged as the tide of loyalty rapidly evaporates.

The DA lifeguard is also imploding from within, an act of self-immolation. It too cannot be rescued as it will be reduced to political ashes. The EFF will continue to stoke the fires of hell with its high-octane demagoguery, which will only serve to exacerbate a volatile situation.

No outright victor will emerge; the smaller parties will be vanquished. SA will be propelled into a new political dimension, the likes of which we have never seen before.

Be very afraid as the 2019 election approaches, accompanied by furious political storms.

Farouk Araie