Picture: REUTERS
Picture: REUTERS

That the Israeli government has no compunctions about bribing/buying votes at the UN and elsewhere is well documented. Israeli antics have evidently now reached Cape Town.

The 2018 UN Water Report confirms that after Bahrain Israel is the world’s second-worst abuser of its water resources. Millions of pine trees have been planted in Israel to obliterate the ruins of Palestinian villages destroyed during the 1947and 1948 Nakba.

Former Israeli ambassador to SA Arthur Lenk boasted about how Israel could generously assist Cape Town in our water crisis. DA leader Mmusi Maimane dutifully visited Israel to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Next came reports of a R6bn Israeli desalinisation plant and of massive kickbacks to the DA. Mayor Patricia De Lille reportedly refused to sign the contract; hence, allegedly, the eruption between Maimane and De Lille.

Given that a Cape Town company, GrahamTek, has been designing desalination plants for Saudi Arabia, India and Singapore for years, the choice of Israeli technology is highly questionable.

The DA’s knee-jerk criticism of the withdrawal of SA’s ambassador to Israel parroted statements by the Zionist lobby. Maimane owes South African citizens an explanation why the DA is now the mouthpiece for the apartheid state of Israel.

As the DA implodes, an independent investigation is imperative. Is the Israeli lobby funding the DA ahead of the 2019 election? In short, just how much were those alleged bribes?

Terry Crawford-Browne
Palestine Solidarity Campaign