President Cyril Ramaphosa.Picture: KOPANO TLAPE/GCIS
President Cyril Ramaphosa.Picture: KOPANO TLAPE/GCIS

Surely reports that ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa and EFF leader Julius Malema are considering tying the knot cannot be true. If indeed that is the plan, all the promises made by Ramaphosa as SA’s president will come to naught, proving (again) that party interests are the ANC’s top priority, above those of the nation.

The first consequence of such a move would be plunging investor confidence, with the rand taking a serious knock. The ANC will score at the polls, having 1-million extra votes cast by the rabble-rousing Red Berets.

Let’s hope the reports are fake and the president is still on course to help this country back on its feet. He still has a long way to go, including getting shot of at least four crooks in his Cabinet. If he allows them to survive, his own bona fides will be questioned. Or are they part of the rumoured ANC-EFF marriage of convenience?

And who knows, KwaZulu-Natal’s Jacob Zuma supporters will attend the "reception", adding to the numbers — a cause for great concern to taxpaying, law-abiding citizens.

Cliff Buchler