US President Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS
US President Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS

US President Donald Trump governs by bluffing, a style that brought him some "successes" in the business world but also many failures. Rather typical of the American philosophy, "success" — financial or otherwise — ignores the morality and human cost of Trump’s ego or management style.

Even in business, where financial success plays a bigger role, the human cost should receive more emphasis, especially in today’s world.

What about the people Trump used as stepping stones on his way up, many of them shattered and disillusioned, or the long list of women he regarded as tools for his pleasure?

Governance is about people in the first place, and so are international relations, guided by international rules of engagement and respect. Trump deals with people like objects and pawns in his reality-television approach to the presidency.

What shocks me most is the way in which his base, including evangelical Christians and even the once mighty Republican Party, turn a blind eye to his complete lack of morality and simply disregard the plight of people on the receiving end of his policies while praising his "successes".

The world is watching with amazement, amusement and often bewilderment. Amid growing concerns that Americans are getting used to this man’s bluffs and lies, a groundswell of opposition seems to be developing in the US, especially among the youth and women voters, against his unacceptable and divisive leadership style, which flies in the face of everything the US always believed in and stood for.

There is a huge responsibility on US voters to call Trump’s bluff and free their country, and the world, of this man who gambles with world peace and global financial security and stability in much the same way he did with his private businesses.

Dawie Jacobs