Picture: THE TIMES
Picture: THE TIMES

A proposal was tabled at the DA congress to introduce a job seeker’s certificate, which would enable individuals who cannot find a job to approach employers to take them on for a period just to "get a foot in the door".

The trade unions don’t seem to understand that their demands for minimum wages and better conditions of service may benefit their members, but are not fair to those who cannot find work.

The real minimum wage today is R0 an hour, earned by the jobless. Some 55% of youths are unemployed. We have to help people gain access to the shop floor. The DA is more than willing to entertain any ideas from anyone as to how to ensure that more people get jobs.

We are already in the incredibly difficult situation where there are more people receiving social grants than there are people who have jobs. This is just not sustainable. If we continue on the same trajectory SA will go bankrupt. The urgency of this situation is recognised by the DA. We cannot sit back with an attitude of "business as usual" as people become more impoverished.

Michael Bagraim
DA labour spokesman