I have noticed a bias against Afrikaners from Peter Bruce over time. I remember one remark he made about "shuddering" at the thought of going to Pretoria. He is actually quite vicious, especially when he goes on about the National Party.

What would he have done after the Second World War when millions of uneducated rural blacks were streaming into SA’s cities looking for work? What were the political options to that conundrum? A "qualified franchise"? A one-man one-vote scenario? In either case we would have had a Kwame Nkrumah or a Jacob Zuma presidency in 1948. And where would we be now?

The National Party’s 1948 victory gave this country breathing space to create structures like Iscor, Eskom, Denel, Sasol, good roads and functioning municipalities that are now falling apart. It’s all very well hurling venom at the Nats, but if Bruce can provide a practical alternative to that era’s choice, I’d like to hear it.

GM Graser