I refer to President Cyril Ramaphosa’s recent flight in economy class on a Safair plane.

Thank you, sir, for showing SA that as the chief steward of the South African purse, you are serious about saving our country’s money.

However, I have also noted with great concern that our national carrier, South African Airways (SAA), had a loss of R5.5bn in the past financial year. One of the problems is that SAA does not increase its annual turnover.

What shocked me about Ramaphosa’s trip is that the state, which is the only shareholder in SAA, is not supporting its own company.

I would like to suggest that all government representatives travel with SAA when they are on official business.

All government department and state-owned enterprise executives and their families should use SAA for their normal air travel. The idea is to recycle the money within the government departments and companies. This could help increase SAA’s annual turnover, because it seems they have reached their ceiling.

Rowan Abels
Via e-mail