A statue of Hendrik Verwoerd. Picture: AVUSA
A statue of Hendrik Verwoerd. Picture: AVUSA

Columnist Peter Bruce never misses an opportunity to have a dig at Afrikaners.

Since Cecil Rhodes and Lord Alfred Milner launched a propaganda campaign against the two Boer republics, every imaginable insult has been hurled at the Afrikaner by colonial jingoists.

But Bruce has a new one: Afrikaners are, like Julius Malema, fascists, he writes. He should bury the hatchet. Afrikaners are being murdered by the dozen on farms and kicked out of jobs. Malema has threatened to cut the throats of whites. There is no longer a need for Bruce to fight us. We live in a country with a population of 57-million and whites comprise less than 10% of the total.

Hendrik Verwoerd and former opposition leader Frederik van Zyl Slabbert were in agreement about one fact: if a country is experiencing a population explosion and has deep cultural divisions, huge structural changes, often painful for minorities, are inevitable. Both men were sociologists so they had an understanding of the dynamics of societies undergoing population explosions. When the "new" SA arrived we had a population of 42-million. Since then 15-million have been added. It will not be long before the 80-million mark is reached.

Verwoerd felt that the only way whites in SA would survive would be if some system could be devised so that they could maintain control of their destiny within a western framework. Otherwise they would simply be overwhelmed. Bruce and his ilk fought hard against his ideas without ever suggesting a viable alternative.

Now we are experiencing what Verwoerd predicted. Whites are being bullied incessantly and deprived of their assets by black politicians. Just wait for the demands of 80-million souls!

Leon Crafford