Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS
Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS

Your correspondent Nathan Cheiman, an apologist for Donald Trump, argued that "it is questionable whether migrants from third world countries can add value to a first world nation" (Trump calls spade a spade, January 16). What world does he live in?

What about the West Indians who propped up London Transport in the 1950s? What about the Ugandan Asians who went as refugees to Britain in the 1970s and now constitute one of the most productive communities in the country? What about the thousands of African doctors and nurses who staff the National Health Service? What about the countless Indians and Chinese who have been crucial to hi-tech industries in California and elsewhere? Not to mention the Nepalese who serve in the British army.

If we go back into history, we could start with the slave trade, which more than "added value" in kick-starting the industrialisation of the West. What I did enjoy about the letter was the ironic Business Day headline mocking racism: "Trump calls spade a spade," indeed!

Roger Southall
Sociology department, Wits University.

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