Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

SARS hit the news in 2017 when it was revealed in the tax ombud’s report that it was purposely withholding tax refunds owed to taxpayers. Is it possible that the City of Johannesburg has cottoned on to this trick and is using it to shore up its finances?

A homeowner is required to pay up-front clearance amounts to the City of Joburg before property can be transferred.

There is usually a credit remaining in favour of the homeowner after the property has been transferred.

The problem is that the City of Joburg seems extremely reluctant to pay back the credit and seems to hope that the homeowner will give up the fight for the refund.

My visits to them, e-mails and calls have resulted in no action.

This issue should be investigated to find out how endemic it is and the amounts involved.

EG Brandt

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