Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS
Donald Trump. Picture: REUTERS

There has been a predictable outcry over President Donald Trump’s crude description of African and other third world nations. The sanctimonious protests by African leaders is typical, despite the fact that many of their countries have questionable human rights records. Trump tends to call a spade a spade, and for this reason, the media tend to despise and denigrate him. The term he used, "sh**hole countries", clearly refers to immigrants who come from these countries, and in consonance with his adage of putting America first, immigration from those countries should not be permitted. It is questionable whether migrants from third-world countries can add value to a first-world nation.

Therefore, it’s not clear why so many African countries feel aggrieved by Trump’s description. SA, under Zuma and the ANC, is fast approaching that status.

Frankly, the media have made a mountain out of a molehill.

Nathan Cheiman

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