Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

SA is still far below the global average of growth and is even below the average in Southern Africa. The World Bank has pointed out some of the issues, but the forthcoming national minimum wage has added an enormous damper on job creation and future growth of small businesses.

The mooted minimum wage was supposed to be coupled with some other positive changes to labour legislation, but it appears these have been placed on hold after numerous complaints from large trade unions.

The much-heralded secret ballot before going on strike was supposed to be placed in law but for some reason, this has been put on a back burner. The labour minister was to be given the power to declare a strike illegal if it threatened an industry. Once again, this suggestion seems to have had cold water poured on it by the National Union of Metal Workers of SA.

It appears that unions would rather destroy an industry than give up their irresponsible demands.

Michael Bagraim MP
Cape Town

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