Jacob Zuma. Picture: ALON SKUY​
Jacob Zuma. Picture: ALON SKUY​

Let’s hope Cyril Ramaphosa shows strong statesmanship as he tackles the Zuma nettle this week. He needs to be mindful of the will of the majority and not be concerned about those in the ANC still clinging to President Jacob Zuma’s coattails.

A true leader sees the big picture and aims to address the needs of the nation above those of a political party — and also appoints those with the appropriate skills and qualifications to head national, provincial and local departments and institutions. Nepotism and attendant corruption are anathema.

The ANC president’s first test is how he handles the demise of the weak president. If he fails to give short shrift to Zuma, he’ll disappoint the entire nation, which will see him as just another politician kowtowing to his party. Show true grit, Cyril, and do the right thing.

Cliff Buchler