Ace Magashule. Picture: SUPPLIED
Ace Magashule. Picture: SUPPLIED

Years ago during my army days, we had a guy who was one of the top officers in the supply division. He put in long hours, never asked for a transfer, never took more than three days leave of absence and everyone was amazed at how dedicated he was to his job.

Then he died and two new guys were put in his position as he had controlled a big array of projects. Then the dominoes started falling and his secrets came out.

The officer was a multimillionaire. He had special deals with all the suppliers and was getting a cut out of everything supplied to the army divisions.

Reading about Ace Magashule who, although newly elected as secretary-general — with the job of running the daily business of the ANC — is refusing to give up his post as Free State premier and move full time to Luthuli House in Johannesburg, my mind went back to that "very dedicated officer" in the army.

What an exceptional and dedicated cadre Magashule is. As we have seen from the trove of leaked e-mails, he has his fingers in all the deals in his province (remember the Gupta wedding and myriad other monkey business issues in which he was involved) with nothing going through unless approved by him.

Small wonder that he does not want to move out of Aladdin’s cave.

JM Bouvier