Picture: 123 RF / BORGOGNIELS
Picture: 123 RF / BORGOGNIELS

The South African Water Caucus (SAWC) is compelled to set the record straight on the response by Department of Water and Sanitation media liaison officer Themba Khumalo to our report on the "State of the Department of Water and Sanitation" (Department not drowning, November 30).

Khumalo states that our report "makes wild claims about the state of affairs in the department but all it did was compile media clippings, most of which were baseless, and release them to the media as a report". This is not correct: the report is almost exclusively based on the minister’s and department’s own statements, responses and presentations through parliamentary questions and replies, portfolio committee reports and access to information requests. It cites only two media articles.

Khumalo says that the report "did a good job of cutting and pasting the auditor-general’s report and presenting it as fact".

It appears that Khumalo not only disputes the auditor-general’s troubling findings with regard to the department, but is also unperturbed by the issues of concern they raise.

Contrary to Khumalo’s opinion, the SAWC believes it is in the public interest to follow public debate and draw together publicly accessible information on national water governance issues, and to inform the public of risks and challenges in SA’s water sector.

Taryn PereiraVia e-mail

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