Naspers chairman Koos Bekker. Picture: Getty Images
Naspers chairman Koos Bekker. Picture: Getty Images

Naspers CEO Koos Bekker’s denial of "capture" with regard to the MultiChoice link with ANN7 proves one fact.

As long as there is money to be made, ethics does not enter the equation.

As time moves on, more and more players, some once vocal about corruption, are suddenly at the forefront of massive collusion with the principal characters in state capture.

So, while noises are made about clean governance, the main losers in this game of quick wealth are the very people lobbying anticorruption groups to root out the scourge of graft.

Our high VAT income is derived from the proceeds of graft — how else does one explain the fact that at this time of unemployment, premature closures and inflation, luxury good sales are at a record high?

As in the Greek economic meltdown, fat cats are milking state institutions, in the process showing monumental bottom lines in their annual statements.

With this mindset, one of greed and no empathy for the marginalised, corruption will never be rooted out.

AR Modak


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