Dudu Myeni. Picture: SUPPLIED
Dudu Myeni. Picture: SUPPLIED

I was flabbergasted when I read that the disgraced Dudu Myeni has been offered a position as a "special adviser" to the transport ministry, pulling in more than R1m a year.

How did she do it? Did she go crying to her protector after they marched her (at long last) out of her previous position as chairwoman, demanding another job? How on earth did she end up at South African Airways in the first place — given how it sank to its current position on the verge of insolvency and constantly asking for bail-outs from the Treasury — when her only qualification is a teacher’s diploma?

Don’t these guys ever learn? Even a three-year-old knows: once burned, twice shy. It is incomprehensible, especially when the transport minister says that she comes "highly recommended". By whom, I wonder?

The problem is that this government doesn’t give a toss about you, me or the country as a whole. To them, running the country is all about filling their pockets with loot.

JM BouvierBryanston

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