Ratings agency S&P Global Ratings. Picture: REUTERS
Ratings agency S&P Global Ratings. Picture: REUTERS

All of the measures referred to in Owen Nkomo’s article are temporary at best, if not impossible (How to create that upgrade to SA 2.0, November 30).

If higher taxes are not derived from higher economic growth it can never be sustainable and a serious tax revolt will definitely erupt.

We will not pay a "one-off recovery tax" and the government and commissioner of the South African Revenue Service must be stupid if they think they can lock us all up. Why should taxpayers fund government corruption? How can they expect us to trust this corrupt and useless government ever again?

The only thing that can drive and create economic growth and higher income for the government is profit, and nothing else. However, this government is operating the opposite system, which can only destroy growth because they are socialists and communists. Why is it impossible to understand this simple logic?

Why must the private sector save the economy? It should rather turn its back on the government, walk away and take control of the whole economy, which must include the income and expenditure, as well as the corruption, of the government.

The government can forget "safely convincing investors and ratings agencies that we are on track to avoid further downgrades".

Everything in this country will just get worse, irrespective of who the next president of the ANC might be, and nobody should consider any investment in the further destruction of the economy and country.

Fanie BrinkBothaville

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