Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

Ismail Lagardien’s column refers (The problem with liberalism is the economics, November 21). It is disappointing when an idea that has brought so much freedom and prosperity to the world comes under so much unnecessary attack. Despite all the good that liberal values have brought to society, many still condemn liberalism as a bogeyman.

To Lagardien’s credit, he does reject many of these vitriolic attacks that accuse liberalism of being an imperialist force, but his condemnations of its economics are unfounded. Liberal economics has stood the test of time.

Countries that embrace liberal economic policies perform better than their counterparts. Look at the Third World alone to witness the suffering that comes with state planning. The countries that have embraced free markets, the core tenet of liberalism, have flourished while illiberal economies such as Venezuela, the now-dead Soviet Union and Zimbabwe left millions suffering due to unworkable economic "plans".

Liberalism’s problem isn’t economics. Reality has shown liberalism to be the only workable economic system. The alternatives have demonstrated nothing but an impressive ability to impoverish and kill, to which the 100-million plus victims of communism can attest.

I encourage Lagardien to acquaint himself with the principles and empirical consequences of liberal economics. I think he will find liberalism’s economics is one of its strongest features.

Nicholas Woode-SmithClaremont

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