Qedani Mahlangu. Picture: SOWETAN
Qedani Mahlangu. Picture: SOWETAN

I am amazed that Dr Lucas Ntyintyane has the temerity to try to butter us up over Qedani Mahlangu by pointing out the good work she has apparently done in the past (Former MEC no monster, November 13).

With a huge blunder like the one she did, I wonder why she is not behind bars already, but is "studying" in the UK. Does she even have the capacity for an MBA?

As the MEC, the buck stopped with her — even if the decisions were made by others in her department, she could have overridden them if she was intelligent enough.

I will not call her a monster but a person completely unsuited for the position and out of her depth.

This is the problem with our government putting unqualified people in senior positions — we are today one step away from the precipice.

JM Bouvier Bryanston

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