President Jacob Zuma. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER

The ANC will probably win the 2019 national elections convincingly, regardless of what happens at the December conference. President Jacob Zuma has shown the world the ANC’s bare backside (which humiliates and angers many within the organisation), but that won’t stop the majority voting for the ANC in 2019.

Cyril Ramaphosa might want to cleanse the ANC from within, but the fox has been in the hen-house for a very long time, the world won’t be able to unsee the previously mentioned bare buttocks, and Ramaphosa will try to hide what hasn’t yet been uncovered. He doesn’t stand a chance of recovering anything, and will have to keep Zuma’s patronage network well fed as every single person in that network will have purge-insurance before December.

Zuma’s ANC constantly demonstrates two things to the public: within the ANC you can become very rich very quickly, and that it is very cold outside the ANC.

J van der MerweKempton Park

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