Once again Fairplay has written a long-winded diatribe in an attempt to discredit poultry imports as EU-dumped products. (Task team must act to end dumping of chicken or industry could implode, October 10).

It is pointless responding in kind, so allow me to make a few important and relevant points. The local poultry industry is not suffering at the moment, as is claimed in the article.

In fact, recent trading result releases have reflected very healthy profits, while numerous market commentators have recommended local poultry companies’ quoted shares as distinct buying opportunities. So why in heaven’s name would they require further state protection?

Could it be that they have become greedy and want 100% of the market as opposed to their current local market share in the region of 85%?

Second, the EU countries are barely exporting any poultry to SA due to those markets being closed in the guise of health issues related to avian influenza, when the real reasons are to protect local industry.

Local poultry is in a very healthy state and capable of standing on its own feet unaided by the state, which would, of course, have to be financed by the hard-pressed consumer.

Lastly, Fairplay is not an independent "activist" but are highly paid representatives of the local poultry industry, whose bidding they regularly trumpet in an effort to trash legitimate poultry imports.

Unlike their local counterparts, the imports are not injected with dollops of municipal water.

David Wolpert

CEO, Association of Meat Importers and Exporters

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