Magda Wierzycka. Picture: SUPPLIED
Magda Wierzycka. Picture: SUPPLIED

Magda Wierzycka’s column was encouraging and inspiring (Lily-livered corporate SA is failing nation’s true heroes, October 11). The idea of heroes is powerful. The most powerful heroes are the ones people identify with. Although the column called for powerful people to rise to the occasion, it may be more effective to encourage the small heroes she mentioned.

Wierzycka has taken commendable practical action through her support for Bianca Goodson. We should also consider using the idea of heroes as a uniting and inspiring force.

Many people desire to make an active contribution to the cause. There is a frustrated desire for a platform and there are a number of people looking to establish forums. The answer remains elusive. Maybe there is a way for people to help support small heroes Wierzycka mentions. This will encourage more people to be heroes. The media should focus attention on these selfless contributions. This will strengthen morale and defeat the sense of hopelessness, which in turn could ignite a virtuous cycle.

Ian FrenchVia e-mail

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