Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown. Picture: THE TIMES
Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown. Picture: THE TIMES

Several months have passed and Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown has still not been able to identify the person or persons who relayed false information to her regarding payments to Trillian by Eskom. This information was conveyed to Parliament and turned out to be a lie, a serious offence and embarrassing for the minister.

That the minister has been unable to identify the reprehensible culprits can only point to two possibilities — that she is utterly incompetent or that she is complicit in obfuscating and protecting thieves. Most worthy of contempt is the minister’s presumption that the public are idiots and would readily accept that she is struggling to identify the subverters of the truth. A simple directive to the chairman of the Eskom board to report on the chain of command and who signed off on the fallacious information would unravel the mystery.

How can Brown justify her position as head of multibillion-rand state-owned enterprises when she struggles to elicit critical information from her charges?

Jay Naicker Via e-mail

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