Cape Town. Picture: THINKSTOCK
Cape Town. Picture: THINKSTOCK

Claire Bisseker’s recent column beggars belief (Will thriving Western Cape go its own way? October 3). Johannesburg has long been, and will no doubt for many years remain, the continent’s financial and economic powerhouse — so much so that the Western Cape’s contribution to the South African economy is minuscule by comparison (a few rand earned from tourism is about as far as it goes).

Her contention that 300 new families enter the Western Cape every month is spurious and, if true, probably reflects the movement of retired people seeking the peace and quiet of a town aptly named "Slaapstad".

Has she ever spent time in Johannesburg? Has she ever experienced the bustle and activity of a vibrant business sector versus Cape Town’s laid-back indifference to time and business urgency?

That Bisseker works for a financial publication is sufficient reason to avoid picking it up and reading it.

Raymond JohnJohannesburg

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