President Jacob Zuma. Picture: KOPANO TLAPE/GCIS
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: KOPANO TLAPE/GCIS

Whenever the rumour mill kicks into high gear about a possible cabinet reshuffle, people are accustomed to the nature of the conditions being laid by President Jacob Zuma to impose his devious intentions. The recent rumours follow a similar and established pattern and cannot be ignored.

It is difficult to ignore or dismiss these rumours because more often than not, they ultimately become reality, despite initial denials or obfuscation by the ANC and the Presidency. Zuma is known to be a cunning and scheming incumbent in the office of the state president.

Whenever he is on a mission to misuse or abuse his powers to effect changes in his already bloated Cabinet, he does so not in the interests of good governance to grow our economy or reduce the number of people who suffer the ravages of poverty. It is all about narrow self-interest to consolidate factional power. The ANC no longer cares about the plight of the people.

In fact, we are reliably informed that the Cabinet has long ceased to function optimally or as a cohesive collective. Daily indications abound of a government that is in free-fall. Anarchy has been let loose in our nation by weak leadership.

Zuma and his antiquated ANC still do not grasp the huge damage being inflicted on our nation by their shenanigans. Domestic and foreign investors lack the confidence to invest because of the political uncertainty. The drawn-out and bruising plot to remove Pravin Gordhan as finance minister earlier in 2017 seriously damaged our economy and the latest scheming will no doubt cause further damage to an already ailing economy.

The majority sitting on the ANC benches in Parliament continue to protect this scoundrel.

We call on all the citizens of our country to mobilise, organise and educate the masses of people to ready themselves to vote this antiquated ANC out of power in the next national election.

Pakes Dikgetsi National chairman, Congress of the People

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