Picture: ISTOCK
Picture: ISTOCK

So Richard McNeill thinks the Rand Daily Mail was an "irresponsible radical rag" (A slur on Tertius Myburgh, August 8). He defends a perceived slur on his former Sunday Times editor with a slur on SA’s finest newspaper.

The Mail was a mainstream, liberal paper that believed in a democratic, nonracial SA. For one thing, it would never have splashed on its front page a tasteless headline, "Guns of Gaborone", above a report about apartheid assassins murdering South Africans in a foreign country.

The Mail was shut down by white monopoly capital in which Gordon Waddell, then chairman of JCI and a former British Lions rugby player, played a leading role. On the decision to close the Mail, deputy editor Harry O’Connor said: "What did you expect from a kicking flyhalf?"

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