A majority of climate scientists, looking at Southern Africa, have agreed since the start of this century that the Western Cape will become extremely dry. There are no more suitable sites to build additional storage dams.

The Cape Town council has simply continued with its growth mania policy, supporting and approving ever more dense and water-consuming new developments.

I have to ask: are they climate-change deniers or do they simply love to take irresponsible risks?

Dam levels dropped further and media, such as Cape Talk, called for the introduction of severe water restrictions, starting a long time ago. Nothing happened! We just continued to see more new developments, which would soon increase water consumption still further.

Only recently were water-use restrictions introduced — far too little, far too late — and that is the riddle. Our mayor announced in May that water scarcity would be "the new normal".

I liken that to a thief telling me I’ve been robbed!

Joachim ZimmerCape Town

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