ANC supportes. Picture: REUTERS
ANC supportes. Picture: REUTERS

Some of us are being called all sorts of names for defending the ANC constitution and oath of membership. What those responsible refuse to accept is that the ANC leadership issued a directive for members to refrain from canvassing divisive issues to test public opinion. Although a majority decision prevailed, a few have opted out of the principle of democratic centralism. Hence the disciplinary action to deal with the rebels.

I suppose detractors had wanted the ANC to throw its constitution out of the window and rather take instructions from the streets. At the core of this lies a desire to be handed the ANC hegemony in society on a plate and a quest to control state power by hook or by crook. It’s not surprising that they’re using rogue elements to infiltrate our movement.

It won’t fly though. We’re awake and ready to weed out ill-disciplined characters. ANC deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa told the conference of the South African Communist Party that "at no other point in the history of our movement has factionalism and division become so brazen, so pronounced, so confident. There is an African proverb that says: ‘When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits the home.’ We know all too well some of the causes of these ructions within our house."

Cadres must close ranks and take collective responsibility for the problems suffocating our house. To resolve challenges facing the ANC from within and without party walls requires united and disciplined cadres.

Morgan PhaahlaEkurhuleni

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