- Helen Zille. Picture: VELI NHLAPO/THE SOWETAN

Did Helen Zille cover herself in glory? No, her well-publicised procolonialism tweet was flawed and hurtful to blacks. But in the glare of TV lights she apologised, showing contrition.

But what did ANC spokesman Zizi Kodwa do? He condemned her and labelled the DA a racist party. Kodwa does not regard Mmusi Maimane as the leader of the DA [but] "propped up to make the party seem palatable".

Stripped of political rhetoric, he will have to grope for reasons to justify his assertion.

EFF president Julius Malema is right, he thinks logically: "The ANC has never done what the DA did to Helen Zille; they never said to Zuma: Come and sit here small boy because the ANC is bigger than you...." We await, as Malema suggests, the president’s apology.

Fr Jo-Mangaliso MdhlelaBenoni

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