Helen Zille. Picture: REUTERS
Helen Zille. Picture: REUTERS

What is the easiest and surest way to soil a good professional and political legacy? Just send a racially insensitive and politically dumb tweet and try your level best to defend it — even in the face of overwhelming evidence that it was plain rubbish.

That is what Helen Zille is doing, with great determination. She is one of the most influential people in SA. The full story of this country cannot be told without mentioning her name in a positive light. Well, all of that is about to end.

With her past and being the street-wise person that she is, Zille should have known colonialism is an extremely sensitive issue among black South Africans. Instead of apologising and withdrawing from the debate, she has been trying her level best to defend the tweet, making life extremely difficult for Mmusi Maimane and the DA.

The DA is being seriously compromised at a time when it should capitalising on the self-inflicted wounds of the ANC. Maimane is sitting with the huge headache of trying to prove to his critics and detractors that his elevation to high office in the DA was not just a cosmetic move.

Zille should just leave so that Maimane can concentrate on building his own political brand and selling his party’s vision to the electorate.

If she persists on her trajectory, people will remember her as someone who worked tirelessly to defend colonialism instead of someone who exposed the brutal manner in which Steve Biko died.

Fidel Hadebe Centurion

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