President Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS
President Jacob Zuma. Picture: REUTERS

The first thing I look for every day in the letters section of Business Day is the name of Dr Lucas Ntyintyane. He always nails it with his comments and Wednesday was no different (President’s faults abound, May 17). I would like to make a suggestion, though.

The doctor correctly states that President Jacob Zuma alleges he doesn’t know what he is doing wrong and why people could possibly want him to step down. I believe he really doesn’t know what he is doing wrong, because of his programming. He is like an MS DOS operating system functioning in an environment that has long ago migrated upwards to require a Windows operating system.

That is why he makes the appointments he makes. He has to choose people who are also programmed to work on MS DOS which, if it were still operating, would never recognise that it is doing things wrong in a Windows environment. Added to that is the question of the corrupted files (not dissimilar to cadres). Most of us have experienced the agony of discovering that a file or two on our computers have become corrupt. But they don’t know it.

To solve the problem? Reformat the hard drive (leadership), install the more modern Windows system, and load an antivirus that will be maintained by an outside organisation. Force an annual "fit and proper test" to be taken.

John JohnstonGordon’s Bay

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