The novelist, Karel Schoeman, who died two weeks ago, left his entire fortune to his black housekeeper and her sister’s child. Elsewhere, a white farmer was trying to rescue his belongings from his burning farmhouse when two black farmers arrived to assist him.

These are not isolated cases, but unfortunately good stories across cultural divides do not always make the news. There is still widespread goodwill among all our people, and recent studies prove that race relations are much better than generally believed.

Sadly, it is human to focus on the negative amid so many positive stories and attitudes. In my experience, positive interactions with my fellow South Africans far outnumber negative attitudes. We have much more in common than that which artificially separates us; we just have to be aware and reach out. In the global picture, inclusivity and tolerance are maintaining the high ground despite a wave of nationalism, intolerance, exclusivity and even racism.

Global citizens with broader and inclusive world-views thankfully refuse to be swept along by the kind of views that led to the Second World War.

Dawie JacobsSterrewag

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