EFF marchers. Picture: Shenaaz Jamal
EFF marchers. Picture: Shenaaz Jamal

One wonders how many of the ANZupta leaders understand the significance of the marches last Friday in major centres throughout the country. Yes, there were many whites, coloureds and Indians. But they are the people who own and populate productive businesses and pay the taxes the Zuptas are busy wasting and stealing.

Those marchers are largely commercially active, economically literate and understand that the rating downgrade caused by our esteemed president is going to affect the country adversely. Inevitably, it is the poor (and barely literate or numerate after 21 years of ANC "education") mostly unemployed, who will suffer most. Our overstaffed, overpaid, often corrupt and inefficient public service will not be affected, the ANZuptas have long purchased their support.

Now, unable to draw any lessons at all from the Zimbabwe experience, our ANZupta chairwoman proposes to amend the Constitution to facilitate the seizure of privately owned property, particularly land in the first instance, without compensation.

Clearly, the Zuptas are becoming desperate as they set out to capture the support base of the EFF whatever the cost to the country, perceiving that the only way their kleptocracy can continue beyond 2019 is by recovering Julius Malema’s voters.

In the unlikely event that Baleka Mbete does achieve her ambition of becoming president, she will preside over a country as bankrupt and unfree as Zimbabwe is now.

Robert StoneLinden

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