Koeberg. Picture: AFP/GETTY IMAGES
Koeberg. Picture: AFP/GETTY IMAGES

One of the more valid points made by unionist David Sipunzi is that renewables cannot replace base-load generation, which until now has used coal as its primary energy source (Capitalists’ plan for renewable energy will lead to job losses, April 10).

Perhaps he has not noticed, but one of the inevitable consequences of the Guptas’ capture of the Treasury is that the nuclear deal will now be approved, leading to an even greater decrease in the use of fossil fuels to produce electricity.

I suggest Sipunzi directs his ire not at the wicked capitalists but at his own wicked alliance partner, the ANC. It is its decision to limit renewables and push for a massive nuclear deal that will render far more of his members unemployable than the independent power producers.

I trust that when Sipunzi’s faithful members begin their protest action they will direct it at the correct target.

Chris PowellKloof

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