Ajay Gupta. Picture: BUSINESS DAY
Ajay Gupta. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

Yunus Momoniat’s letter (Gupta Fingers reach far and wide, February 15) is yet another example of how mainstream media are the real manufacturers of fake news. Momoniat embellishes a lot to make the anti-Gupta hysteria stick. These are desperate times, the Gupta bogey is losing its shine fast as more and more accusing fingers point to white monopoly capital as the real rogues in SA, with the politician actually coming a lowly second.

The call for Absa to pay back the money means the list of culprits is long and cash to be returned is in mountains.

Anyway, Momoniat liberally distorts what I supposedly said in his quest to project me as one of the Guptas’ captured agents. True, in 2013, I repeated the erroneous view peddled by mainstream media that the Guptas landed at a national key point. I’m ashamed to admit that I, like Momoniat, had simply repeated a lie as fact because the media said so. I have since checked my facts, but Momoniat hasn’t.

Momoniat invents things I have never said or written. For example, he says I once said, "I will shoot to kill for Hlaudi" and "Steve Biko would have approved of the Guptas". Both are inventions. In times of fake news anything goes to tarnish the image of your opponents.

I have long ago stopped expecting any fairness from the white-owned media.

Andile Mngxitama
National convener, Black First Land First

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