Ben Turok. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL
Ben Turok. Picture: FINANCIAL MAIL

Schadenfreude comes to mind when reading Prof Ben Turok imploring current and future ANC leaders to do the right thing, particularly the deployment of cadres (Leaders need to step up, January 10).

Turok implores them to do the right thing as if the appalling logic of cadre deployment wasn’t known long before he retired.

This year’s ANC birthday address was as meaningless as those that have been intoned in preceding years.

Only the dogged faithful believe anything President Jacob Zuma says, despite him saying it repeatedly. He doesn’t mean what he says, and even if he did, neither he nor his cadres would be able to do anything about it to the benefit of the people of this country.

As a "real veteran of the Treason Trial, prison, exile and Parliament" Turok shares the blame for not speaking up years ago. The fact that he still denies that cadre deployment is the problem is pretty sad.

SC Weiss
Parktown North

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