Jeremy Mansfield. Picture: GALLO IMAGES
Jeremy Mansfield. Picture: GALLO IMAGES

Sir — While I respect the media’s rights of access to social media and usage of them, I do feel the coverage should be balanced.

I announced, via my Facebook site, my availability to the DA for the 2019 elections, which still has to be confirmed as I will go through the selection process, as would any other citizen.

One person on my social media platform accused me of being a wife beater. Your publication and the Times Media Group used that single post to claim I had been "lambasted" for an unsubstantiated and incorrect, libelous accusation.

My ex-wife, who was the alleged abused person, was equally incensed and I have posted her response on the same social media page of the litigious accusations made by the individual.

I understand entering politics exposes you to criticism, which I have had for years and accepted in my time in the media, but believe social media fabrications, founded on no foundation, should be corrected through a simple post in your medium, such as this one, to rectify an accusation which can potentially ruin an individual’s credibility.

Jeremy Mansfield
Via e-mail

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