Luthuli House, the ANC's headquarters in Johannesburg. Picture: SOWETAN
Luthuli House, the ANC's headquarters in Johannesburg. Picture: SOWETAN

The ANC’s attempts during its birthday bash to deflate the perspective that it is a debilitated organisation that is corrupt and self-serving will be futile, because the president is a disreputable and unprincipled leader and so are most of his ministers.

The amount of money spent by the ANC on festivities implies an impudent lack of modesty and decency. Candidly, it matters not who is in line for succession after Jacob Zuma’s term expires in December. The electorate will choose the next government in 2019 and it seems likely the ANC will lose.

The amount of corruption being uncovered daily is bewildering. Aside from all the abject failures of state entities as a result of cadre deployment, it has become clear the ANC exists only for the wellbeing of an elite few. The poor are used solely as fodder for votes at election time.

The economy is at a standstill and Zuma continues to propound quixotic economic forecasts. After promising to create 5-million new jobs five years ago, which never materialised, he has now predicted the economy will grow by 2.9% in 2017. Economists refute this as "too optimistic".

Nonetheless, having regard to the Nkandla saga, "Gordhangate", South African Airways, the SABC, the Post Office, Marikana and other calamities that have befallen the ANC and the government, the leadership struggle in the governing party is academic because of corruption and its self-absorbed inclinations.

The ANC, which rescued SA from the brink of disaster, has become insignificant and barely newsworthy on the threshold of its downfall.

Nathan Cheiman

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