I have but a small business with a minor annual turnover of R5m, employing a total of 13 people. I’m proud of the business, which I started from scratch, and I always believed we were contributing to the economy by paying tax. But now each time I have to click that eFiling button on my FNB account it really aggrieves me, as I know this money isn’t being used to uplift society because the government is not fulfilling its mandate.

Never mind fulfilling its mandate — by now everyone knows that the only prerogative of the current Cabinet is to loot as much as possible. There is no doubt that our taxes are not just being misspent, but brazenly and openly stolen. There are so many examples (South African Airways, the SABC, Eskom, the arms deal and so on) but what is happening with the current nuclear deal is so apparent that there can be no doubt that the current crop of leaders will actively undermine society if that is what is required to enrich themselves.

I am no longer willing to support this. Between PAYE, VAT, income tax and dividend tax my company pays well over R1m in taxes per year. Can this money not be transferred to a trust account, to be paid over to the government once certain criteria have been met (implementing the auditor-general’s recommendations comes to mind)?

If thousands of small businesses all do this surely government can’t jail us all? I’m not suggesting a tax revolt or tax avoidance or withholding tax, but merely holding the government to account. The money is still paid, and once they meet the required criteria the trust can start paying some of it over to them.

The Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse (Outa), Save SA or one of the many other civil rights groups might be interested in managing such a trust account.

Jan Wink
Via e-mail

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