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“If you got to know too much, it was easy to be disposed of,” Angelo Agrizzi told the Zondo commission. 

“I was once called to a meeting with Gavin [Watson] at the Michelangelo Hotel where I met a gentleman by the name of Killer Ximba. Next to the fish tank, a bag was opened and shown to me. A big weapon was inside and I was warned that if I did not do what was expected of me, I would be dealt with.”

The tentacles of the Watson family even spread to within the Zondo commission itself, according to News24.

Post Office CEO Mark Barnes says the mail utility's links to the Watsons pre-dates his appointment.

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The Watson family’s capture of the state dates back to former president Thabo Mbeki’s tenure, and Agrizzi’s testimony implicated state officials, the National Prosecuting Authority, state-owned enterprises executives and even unionists, writes Natasha Marrian.

With everyone fixated on the Guptas, we failed to spot SA's bigger organised crime family.

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A former senior executive of Boxer Superstores, a subsidiary of Pick n Pay, who was in charge of importing meat for all 250 stores in SA, has been accused of taking kickbacks from suppliers.

Markus Jooste has made a joke out of SA’s largely self-regulating corporate governance regime, writes Ann Crotty.

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Will banks rename their platinum credit cards palladium now that the ranking of precious-metal prices has reversed?