Picture: 123RF/YURIZ
Picture: 123RF/YURIZ

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Bytes from the digital world

We know things have not been okay in the past but we are rectifying things‚” President Cyril Ramaphosa reassured the audience at the opening of a R100m sports facility.

“The ‘regularisation’ of [former president Jacob Zuma’s] tax affairs after years of delinquency does not exculpate him any more than a thief who repays the stolen money, or a shop-lifter who attempts to replace the stolen goods on the shelf after he is caught,” says Colonel Johan du Plooy.

In My Opinion

Matters of debate

Hardly a man of letters like his predecessor Thabo Mbeki, who prefers essay-like Facebook posts, Zuma goes for short videos on Twitter.

A businessman who took the state to the Constitutional Court to ensure the Scorpions’ successor, the Hawks, were sufficiently independent of the executive, offers the ANC a history lesson.

Finding Alpha

The long and the short of the markets

As anybody who tracked the slew of listeriosis-related statements issued between March and December 2018 will know, communication is not one of Tiger Brands’ strengths, writes Ann Crotty.

Investec is cheap, according to banking analysts.

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Graph of the day

SA produces the most platinum, and Russia the most palladium.