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Gold Leaf Tobacco, which sells for an average price of just R10 a pack — indicating it is evading the government's R17.85 sin tax — is SA's top-selling cigarette brand.

SAA, which has already racked up losses of about R18bn over the past decade, needs about R17bn in government bailouts, or refinancing from banks, in the next three months to continue operations.

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The story of state capture is one of tragedy and betrayal of a nation. But there were those who fought, and continue to fight, for the integrity of the state, writes Ranjeni Munusamy.

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"The vision thing actually seems to be a big part of the problem with the new Eskom," according to John Dludlu.

With three new banks entering the transactional banking space in 2019 — Discovery’s bank, TymeBank and the PostBank — African Bank is entering a tightly contested space.

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Julius Malema did not take a leaf out of Donald Trump’s playbook, according to Gareth van Onselen. "Malema wrote the playbook. Trump has been playing catch-up for years."

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After becoming the first company to break the $1-trillion market cap barrier, Apple's share price has tumbled to make it the same size as Microsoft.