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The Competition Commission paid R72m to a law firm whose principle partner doubled as a head of the commission's cartels division.

President Cyril Ramaphosa's delay in appointing a national director of public prosecutions had left the organisation "weak and divided", according to the Society of State Advocates and Prosecutors of SA.

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Veteran editors Anton Harber and Peter Bruce have very different views on the steps Sunday Times editor Bongani Siqoko outlined in an article titled A transformed Sunday Times that you can trust.

Harber, who was part of a study commissioned in 2007 to help the Sunday Times improve its accuracy and credibility — only to see his report hidden from the public and the newspaper's staff until it was leaked — calls for the industry to practise the transparency and accountability that it preaches.

"Of course, the public will lap it up. The media at each other’s throats while the country burns, each one signalling more outraged virtue than the other — now that’s spectacle," writes Peter Bruce.

Private investigator Paul O’Sullivan responded to Siqoko's article with a series of threats, culminating in: "I will gladly pay for an articled clerk to sit at the offices of Forensics for Justice and drive [Sunday Times and BusinessLIVE proprietor] Tiso Blackstar shareholder value into the ground, if its managers cannot properly admit to their role in state capture."

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After breaking the R4,000 per share price barrier in November 2017, Naspers has tumbled, with its major asset — its 31%-stake in Hong Kong-listed Tencent — falling in tandem. 

Staff at state-owned arms manufacturer Denel might not get their full salaries come the end of October‚ a statement from trade union Solidarity suggested on Tuesday.

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On Tuesday, Nhlanhla Nene’s resignation as finance minister sent the rand sliding 1.4% to R15.05/$ from about R14.84/$.

Then the appointment of Tito Mboweni as SA’s new finance minister saw the currency rally 3.4% to R14.55/$ on Wednesday morning.