ANC supporters. Picture: REUTERS
ANC supporters. Picture: REUTERS

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"[Politicians] want it for themselves," says a community member who has hit stumbling blocks at every turn to secure land rights, facing concerted efforts by "those in power" to block their access to the reserve.

Former president Jacob Zuma is "satisfied" that nothing in the evidence led at the Zondo commission on state capture so far has implicated him in criminal or ethical wrongdoing.

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"We cannot go back to ANC policies and approaches of 10 or 20 years ago, buying the promise that this time it will be different," writes Ann Bernstein. "The country has changed, the economy is in much worse shape, the world economy is tougher and less forgiving, and SA’s state is far less capable. In this new world, pursuing the same old policies is a recipe for a raw deal, not a new one."

Bain, like McKinsey and KPMG before it, should not be allowed to get away with simply undertaking internal probes, followed by resignations of individuals it can no longer protect.

Finding Alpha

The long and the short of the markets

Bidvest wants to sell its 38.5% of Adcock Ingram to an empowerment group, but who will provide the R4.8bn financing?

With local and export demand in decline, the CEO of the South African operations of Toyota, Andrew Kirby says, it is "quite feasible" that Corollas will no longer be manufactured in this country.

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Lego’s sales fell last year for the first time since 2004 as the Danish toy maker struggled with tough retail markets in Europe and North America.