Picture: SAA
Picture: SAA

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The taxpayer handout South African Airways wants has jumped from R5bn to R21bn.

If you find yourself rolling your eyes because your spouse refuses to ask for directions, you may need to exercise some compassion. It turns out that we are hardwired to find asking for help distasteful.

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Former DA leader Tony Leon draws parallels between the Patricia de Lille debacle under way and when the party attempted to oust Peter Marais as Cape Town mayor in 2001. "With only the slightest change of detail and a new cast of characters, history in the Cape of Storms appears to be repeating itself."

Eskom’s application to its regulator to claw back almost R67bn it had overspent on what the regulator had allowed it, during the middle three years of its most recent tariff period, has attracted relatively little attention, writes Hilary Joffe.

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Absa shareholders showed their disapproval of the bank’s generous executive pay by nearly voting down its remuneration report at its annual general meeting on Tuesday. The resolution scraped through with 52.64% for and 47.36% against.

Pity Sweden’s bank robbers as the country is well on its way to being cashless. But necessity is the mother of invention, so thieves are now stealing owls, among other things.

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While Venezuelans starve, President Nicolas Maduro has given $440m worth of imported oil to Cuba.