Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER
Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille. Picture: ESA ALEXANDER

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What will Patricia de Lille do now that the DA has ousted her as Cape Town mayor? Punch somebody, judging from her tweets.

Deputy President David Mabuza failed to reassure Parliament that just because he accepted a ride to Russia on the Guptas’ jet, he is not a friend of the family.

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Matters of debate

While Eskom tried to assure the public in a statement issued on Wednesday that it has made alternative arrangements to procure coal, it has not shared with the public any information on how this will affect costs.

What was buried in the North West violence that spooked President Cyril Ramaphosa to cut his London trip short? Peter Bruce is scared by the reason not being obvious.

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The long and the short of the markets

To put the R7.5bn that Iqbal Survé hoped to raise for Sagarmatha Technology into context, Patrice Motsepe raised R4.3bn for African Rainbow Capital and Brian Joffe raised R2bn for Long4Life — and these are ventures whose prime movers have outstanding track records in value creation and deal making.

Vunani CEO Ethan Dube agrees with Survé that the media — as opposed to the need to abide by JSE rules and offer the PIC something appetising — derailed Sagarmatha’s listing.

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A bid by Vedanta for Anglo would be a classic situation of a minnow swallowing a whale. Vedanta’s market cap is just under $3bn; Anglo’s is 10 times that. Vedanta Resources, the London-listed entity, is sitting on a thumping debt load of about $9bn.