Brian Molefe. Picture: BUSINESS DAY
Brian Molefe. Picture: BUSINESS DAY

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Former Eskom CEO Brian Molefe missed a high court deadline to pay back his R11m pension, and is considering petitioning the Supreme Court of Appeal to get his job back.

Settlement talks with former South African Revenue Services commissioner Tom Moyane have collapsed, prompting the government to proceed to a disciplinary process.

How did Mzwanele Manyi pay the Guptas for TV station ANN7 and The New Age newspaper if they have no bank account?

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Cyril Ramaphosa quotes Shakespeare when asked why he has not been quicker to rid his administration of Zupta-faction members since becoming President.

Suggesting that no one can prosecute another on the basis of their race works well in unjust societies, which is why EFF leader Julius Malema’s statement that "no white man" would decide his "destiny" should not go unchallenged, writes Ismail Lagardien.

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Faced with the controversies of Sagarmatha Technology, Ayo Technology and VBS Mutual Bank, the government’s pension fund manager, the Public Investment Corporation, has done an about-turn on its promise of greater transparency.

Nkonki Sunninghill, which employs 180 people, was left with no other option but to voluntarily wind up the company, the firm said in a statement on Monday afternoon issued via its lawyers, Nicqui Galaktiou Inc.

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Investigative journalism team amaBhungane shows how Gupta family lieutenant Salim Essa got Eskom to fund his R329m acquisition of pioneering black auditing firm Nkonki.