Mark Lamberti. Picture: MARTIN RHODES
Mark Lamberti. Picture: MARTIN RHODES

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South African entrepreneur Tom Ryan is looking to create a low-cost MBA. He has partnered with nonprofit organisation Salesian Life Choices, to create a two-year business education for R38,000.

When is a road not a road? When it’s a piano. Dutch authorities thought that musical rumble strips would encourage road safety, but those living in a nearby village say the "singing road" is driving them crazy.

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The partial fall of Mark Lamberti raises a broader question about senior South African executives.

The Friday the 13th horror of watching the proposed floatation of Iqbal Surve’s "multisided platform" Sagarmatha Technologies sinking from the R39.62 he hoped gullible investors would pay to its book value of 28c has been averted by the JSE.

The bourse refused to buy Surve’s story that there was no need to reveal how dire the financial position of Sekunjalo Independent Media was as "such results will not result in any material changes to the Pro Forma statement of comprehensive income".

Undeterred, Surve has now set his sites on the New York Stock Exchange, apparently under the impression that unlike in SA, US regulators would not expect audited results from him.

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The long and the short of the markets

Here’s the company that has offered to provide technical expertise and banking facilities to keep Gupta mines afloat.

Dutch law saves Christo Wiese’s transactions with Steinhoff, although a legal expert described this as "staggering".

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